Finishing or renovating a basement

Finishing or renovating a basement

Looking to renovate or finish your basement? Adding or renovating a basement kitchen, bathroom, home gym, home office, guestroom, home theater or mancave will add more square footage to your living space.  Finishing your basement will also give you, your family & friends the space you need to enjoy spending time together in a comfortable setting.  All this while adding value to your home for potential home buyers.

There are a few important things to consider before thinking of hiring help or a do it yourself project.

# 1: Hire an inspector

Hiring a certified inspector will give you peace of mind. Unseen potential hazards like a cracked foundation, water infiltration, mold, unlevel ground etc, can be detected & potentially save you headaches & money from future problems.

#2:  Make a design plan 

Decide the look & function of your space.  How many rooms would you like your finished or renovated basement to have? Note the dimensions of your basement & include windows, doors,  staircases, etc, with their dimensions.

#3: Know your materials

Keep in mind that some building materials are better suited than others for finishing or renovating basements. Hardwood flooring will be more susceptible to dampness & humidity, so the correct subflooring & insulation is needed. Same goes for carpeting.

Insulation, vapor barriers & soundproofing must also be put into factor when deciding on building materials.

Lighting choices may depend on height restrictions & type of ceilings.  Also, suspended & finished gypse ceilings must have access points for electrical & plumbing systems.

#4: Plumbing & Electrical

When it comes to electrical & plumbing renovations for finishing your basement, only a licensed electrician or plumber can give you the piece of mind that the work was done properly & to code. Potential floods or fires can be caused by inexperienced workers that can lead to expensive repairs that insurance companies don’t always cover because of unlicensed workers. Protect yourself & hire professionals.

At Renovation Assistance, we cover a wide range of skills & trades with competent, insured & licensed tradesmen that will work with you to create your personal space as you imagine it to be.

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